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How very sweet. Stevia by PureCircle naturally sweetens the things we eat, drink and enjoy every day. And we're just getting started. With new products and partnerships on the horizon, the PureCircle family continues to grow. Here are just a few of our latest products.

     France & Australia
       Pepsi Next
        A new breed of cola with serious cola taste!
  • Pepsi Next is naturally sweetened and has 30% less sugar than a regular cola
  • The secret is the stevia plant, nature's super sweetener

Silk Light soymilk
Treat yourself to great taste and powerful nutrition—with half the fat and fewer calories than regular Silk®.
  • Silk Light Vanilla Great vanilla flavor with just 80 awesome calories. What's not to love?
  • Silk Light Chocolate The power of Silk meets the power of chocolate in a lusciously light alternative that's naturally sweetened with no-calorie stevia.
  • Silk Light Original Signature Silk smoothness for just 70 awesome calories per serving.
Plus, like all Silk products, Silk Light comes with zero cholesterol, absolutely no lactose and a healthy dose of optimism.

True Lemonade
True Lemonade is an all-natural, low-calorie lemonade mix!
  • Lightly sweetened with stevia by PureCircle
  • Fresh-squeezed lemon taste
  • Just 5 calories
  • No preservatives, sodium or gluten

Steviacane is a completely natural sweetener made of pure stevia and pure cane sugar!
  • Just 1/3 the calories of sugar
  • Less added sugar- use half the amount for the same sweetness
  • Bakes like sugar and tastes like sugar
  • 100% natural and GMO-free
  • Available at HEB
  • Comes in a canister for baking or 40 count of single-serve sticks
Life can be full of sweet surprises!

Beghin Say Ligne
Beghin Say Ligne is a sweetener made from stevia and sugar!
  • 50% smaller than a sugar cube with just as much sweetness
  • Made with extracts from natural origin
  • No aspartame
  • Just 10 calories per cube

Stevia 100%
Stevia 100% is a stevia sweetener from Doce Menor for hot and cold drinks!
  • Mild and pleasant sweetness
  • 100% natural
  • Contains no calories
Stevia 100% is also available as a liquid sweetener

    Equal Sweet
    Equal Sweet is an all natural, zero calorie sweetener for foods and beverages!

    All of the great sweet taste of Equal with the natural benefits of stevia

    Available in packages of 100 or 200 sachets

      Costa Rica
      Natuvia is a 100% natural combination of stevia and sugar!
      • 100% natural
      • 0 calories
      • For hot and cold beverages
      • Safe for diabetics

             Power Ice Tea
              A refreshing tea with a high level of fruit juice and lower calories!
      • Natural and simple ingredient for a great, sweet taste
      • To lower the calorie content, part of the sugar has been replaced by naturally sweet stevia

      Product Spotlight:

      100% Stevia from Doce Menor  A new table top sweetener in Brazil sweetened with the goodness of Stevia by PureCircle.
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