Expand your stevia expertise. What you put in your body is important. Which is why we've made every effort to answer all your questions below.

Q: Is there support for the safe use of stevia by PureCircle?
A: Yes, there are many studies attesting to the safety of high–purity stevia sweeteners, which have been given a positive nod by the FDA and other organizations around the world. For more information about safety, visit globalsteviainstitute.com.

Q: Where does stevia come from?
A: The stevia plant is native to Paraguay, but is now cultivated across 4 continents. We work directly with independent farmers in these areas with significant investment in Paraguay and Kenya. Currently, we are also working with producers to grow stevia in the United States to further expand and diversify our supply.

Q: Does stevia by PureCircle have calories?
A: As an ingredient in food and beverages, stevia by PureCircle adds no calories. It can help reduce calories in food and beverages by partially or completely replacing caloric sweet ingredients like sugar. Please read the nutrition facts for actual calorie and carbohydrate information regarding a specific product sweetened with stevia by PureCircle.

Q: How will I know that stevia is in the foods and beverages I buy?
A: Quite simply, you can look for the Stevia PureCircle trustmark on your favorite products. Otherwise, look on the ingredient line, which may include common names like Reb A or Rebiana, or terms such as stevia extract and steviol glycosides.

Q: Is stevia safe for diabetics?
A: Yes, Stevia by PureCircle is calorie free and contains no carbohydrates and so is a great choice for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Since it is used to sweeten many of your favorite products, be sure to check the nutrition panel for the overall contents of the products to help make the right choices for your diet.

Q: Are there any known allergies to stevia by PureCircle?
A: No, stevia by PureCircle has no known allergies.

Q: Is stevia by PureCircle Kosher and Halal Certified?
A: Yes, stevia by PureCircle has Star-K Kosher certification. Additionally, stevia by PureCircle meets the HALAL requirements and is HALAL certified by the HDC.

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