stevia field in paraguay

Stevia by PureCircle is redefining what sweet should be. Now you can enjoy pure sweetness without all the calories. Natural and calorie-free, people around the world have been using the leaves of this amazing plant to sweeten things for hundreds of years.
Less calories. More joy. Just because you keep a careful eye on everything you put in your body, life doesn’t have to be bland. That’s where Stevia by PureCircle comes in. Offering sweet indulgence without added calories, you get the best of both worlds.

A delicious way to naturally reduce sugar and cut calories, you’ll find stevia in the Silk Light family of products, True Lemonade and countless other things you enjoy every day.
Mother Nature's seal of approval. So, how does a leaf produce all this goodness? When it really comes down to it, the sweetness in stevia is released by steeping the leaves in water like tea. 100% natural from beginning to end, you get the best nature has to offer every time.

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Hungry for more info? Stop by the Global Stevia Institute and find out what leading health professionals are saying about stevia.
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